All S2-05 students are to comply to all rules and expectations listed in this page.

To be a class of highly-motivated and academically-driven individuals who strive to achieve their expectations and dreams.

To be a responsible young adult, driven to strive, learn and excel in academic learning and character development.

- Be respectful to peers and staff of SST.
- Be punctual for all lessons and assignment submission.
- Be aware of the primary focus of current discussions.
- Be responsible young adults and inspiring role models. 
- Learn from each other; don't jump into conclusions and learn from the perspectives of others.
- To forgive and to forget.

- Be mature at all times.
- Abide to all rules set forth by all subject teachers.
- All subject assignments are to be submitted punctually.
- Be firm in any decision-making processes.
- Character is as important as academics.
- All responsibilities and tasks are to be carried out on time and diligently. 
- Always do your best.
- One for all, all for one.