Monday, 12 January 2015

Assignment (12 January)

Math Diagnostic test on 13 January 2015.
There'll be a quiz on Matrices one of these days.

- English Language Diagnostic test on 14 January 2015.
- There would be a pop-quiz anytime somewhere this week.
- In your mind, is BSP(Boy in Striped Pyjamas) a fable?

Research on articles regarding your ISS project.

- Diagnostic test 13 January 2015
- Start filling in the words for your Chinese vocabulary book.
- Research on this questions.
  1) 三国时代离我们有多远?是春秋时代还是三国时代先?
  2) 三国时代有什么风云人物?
  3) 三国演义和三国志有什么分别?

- Do Geography workbook 1.1 and 1.2. Due on 16 Januay 2015

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